Buxlow Nursery has ‘Open Door’ policy towards parents/guardians. We do our best to work closely with all families helping and supporting a child’s development and at the same time encourage parents/guardian’s involvement.

We expect parents to attend open days, parent evenings, manager/staff presentation when we hold new projects, trips and local outings, End of the Year Show and Graduation Day.

We also hope that parents can volunteer to assist us with outings/trips sharing some tasks and other aspects like toileting, tidying up etc.

We have a regular newsletter to keep parents/guardians informed of activities, news, reminders and projects of work in which the children are involved.

The Nursery Journey is available online through Tapestry where all parents/guardians can access all weekly activities of their children.

At the end of every Term December, March and July all parents/guardians will receive their child’s report.

Reports will show their child’s progress and development per Term yearly.

Also, all the children have an ongoing file where all parents/guardians can request and look at their child’s planned observation, the child’s interest and next steps in term of planning.

These files are available on request to the parents/guardians at any time. The files will be passed on to the next school or Reception class.