At Buxlow Nursery we offer quality childcare.  We understand the importance of a child’s foundation in education and as a setting we offer:

  • highly-skilled staff,
  • small class sizes and high adult-to-child ratios,
  • a language-rich environment,
  • age-appropriate curriculum and stimulating materials in a safe physical setting,
  • warm, responsive interactions between staff and children
  • strong relationships between staff and parents

At Buxlow Nursery all children are welcome regardless of their ability or culture. We emphasis the meaning of friendship and being emotionally and physically comfortable. In our Nursery, our children experience a variety of interesting and engaging activities on a daily basis. Our children have fun and are happy.

A high-quality program is incorporated to include tangible schools readiness activities, such as pre or early reading as well as learning to count,  highlighting learning social skills, taking turns and respecting their learning space.

Parents have peace of mind knowing their child is happy, makes friends, has interesting and positive experiences, and learns about a wide variety of things every day.

While there is no single definition of quality in childcare, there are some overall elements of childcare that are identified as critical to the well-being of children. These include:

  • Health, safety and good hygiene
  • Good nutrition
  • A well-maintained environment set up for children
  • An adequate number of staff who are sensitive and responsive to children
  • Opportunities for active play—especially outdoors
  • Opportunities for quiet play and rest
  • Opportunities for developing motor, social, language and cognitive skills through play
  • Positive interactions with adults
  • Practices that support positive interaction amongst children
  • Facilitation of emotional growth
  • Participation of, support for and communication with parents
  • Respect for diversity and difference, gender equality and inclusion of children with disabilities

Also, high-quality childcare is generally understood to have:

  • Broad learning and development goals for children, going beyond narrow academic aims like early literacy and numeracy to social, emotional, cultural, artistic and physical goals
  • An approach that “lets children be children”, which means learning through play and experiencing a wide range of artistic, cultural, cognitive, social and physical activities.