At Buxlow Nursery we follow the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, a Government framework that focusses on development and learning for children from Birth up to the age of five.

As part of the EYFS goals, we must ensure that all children:

  • make good progress and learn well
  • are kept healthy and safe
  • are school ready by the time they reach the age of five
  • have a broad range of knowledge and skills
  • have a learning and development programme drawn up that is appropriate to their own stage of development

In addition we have to demonstrate:

  • a strong partnership with parents and/carers
  • robust safeguarding practises
  • equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice

Staff plan activities every day, carefully balancing structured play and child-led fun, where children choose what they want to do. This means that no matter how old your child is, we make sure all learning at Buxlow Nursery is fun and stimulating.

To enable staff to track progress and prepare for the next stage of development all children have individual learning profiles.

You are encouraged to take these portfolios home and add your own information to help staff plan and develop further learning.

More information on the EYFS can be found at


All-inclusive activities

All children are naturally curious, questioning and eager to learn and encourage this curiosity.

The team at Buxlow Nursery will carefully organise timetables full of different activities every day.

We also ensure that there is a balance between structured play and learning along side child-led activities, where children can choose what they want to do.

One thing is for certain: the more variety there is on offer, the more your child will learn, and the more they will enjoy it.

The children enjoy different activities. These include:

  • Messy area
  • Painting and drawing
  • Floor play
  • Exploring
  • Construction
  • Independent play, with jigsaw, books and board games

Children in Pre-school room enjoy a broader range of more challenging activities as they prepare for school. Structured individual learning plans ensure they are each making strong progress towards the Early Learning Goals alongside planning devised for each child every week to give all children at Buxlow get the best possible foundation for learning.

As well as providing all the activities you would expect we also offer all-inclusive activities including French, music, PE, Gardening club and Cooking sessions.

We believe these activities should be enjoyed by all children and are therefore provided at no extra cost.

Music and Movement

Music and movement sessions offers a fun and interactive physical workout for the children.


Establishing healthy eating habits in young children is very important we alow the children to experiment with cooking different dishes. We express how important it is to wash our hands before cooking.

Educational Walks

All of our children go for regular walks around the local area in closely supervised groups visiting the park, library and shops.

Educational Visits

Children love learning about the world around them and visits from the Fire Brigade, Police and other members of the community help them to understand the roles that important people play in our lives.

French Lessons

You are never too young to start to learning a second language and our children love their weekly lessons. We believe our French Lessons help develop children’s listening skills which in turn has a positive impact on their behaviour.