Our distinctive features which lead to the best of beginnings for a lifetime of learning

  • Buxlow’s dedicated and well-qualified teachers provide high quality, seamless and coherent education from EYFS 1 (Nursery and Reception) to the end of KS2. Each child’s progress is carefully monitored to ensure that their individual needs are met. Our pupils can meet their academic challenges and that they are able to realise their full potential.
  • High standards of pupil work, behaviour and social interaction are set, expected and gained.
  • In addition, we are proudly co-educational.  We know how best to teach the separate genders and, more importantly, we know how to teach boys and girls successfully together.  There is much to commend co-education and we certainly recognise the value of girls and boys learning and working together as they will in their adult lives.
  • We are committed to being multi-cultural, to maintaining an international perspective by being “internationally minded”.  We wish to ensure that our children are well-prepared to respond resourcefully to the challenges of the future through rich and innovative range of constructive, collaborative and inspired learning experiences.
  • Strong pastoral care is a hallmark of Buxlow. Whether in the caring, nurturing environment of our Early Years, or within the safe and encouraging atmosphere of our KS2, a rigorous and challenging education with its broad balance between the academic, cultural, sporting, social and spiritual facets of education is important to us.

We ensure that through our Nursery vision, values, rules, diverse curriculum and teaching we promote tolerance and respect for all cultures, faiths and lifestyles. Our policies and management also ensure that our ethos is reflected and implemented effectively in the Nursery and practice and that there are rigorous risk assessments in place to safeguard and promote children’s welfare.

We have a duty to prepare our children for life in modern Britain and to keep them safe. Pupils who attend our Nursery have the right to learn in safety.

Examples of British values include:
Religious education which encourages reflection and critical thinking to develop an understanding of how we can celebrate our heritage and home cultures whilst also embracing the commonality of values in different religions.